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White corundum
Brown fused alumina
Tabular corundum
Black silicon carbide
Green silicon carbide
Zirconium corundum
Boron carbide
Chrome ore

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   Zhengzhou city hai xu abrasive abrasive co., LTD is located in China's capital——Zhengzhou city west20Kilometers,Located in the hinterland of the central plains economic development,South longhai railway、Even khodorkovsky high-speed in the split,The transportation is convenient,Logistics unobstructed。My company was founded in1999Years7Month,The total investment800More than ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area11000Square meters,And in yixing city of jiangsu province set up day in the office;2002Founded in yixing city haiyu refractories co., LTD。 The main products are white corundum,Brown fused alumina,Silicon carbide various types of sand particle size、Period of sand、Micro powder and all kinds of alumina powder,The annual output 8000 Tons。Product standardsGB( National standard),ISO(The international standard),FEPA(European standard),JIS(The Japanese standards)And so on,Scientific and standardized management,Strong technical force,Advanced process equipment,With perfect testing equipment。My company as a professional manufacturer of alumina production,Product quality is stable,Had been zhengzhou city technical supervision granted“Product quality trustworthy,After-sales service good reputation double letter units”,And in2004Years passedISO90...              In more detail>>

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